Snack sain et nourrissant anti faitigue fenugrec production de lait maternel Jolly Mama vegan made in France

Healthy snack for breastfeeding

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A set of 12 healthy, delicious snacks without refined sugars for your little appetites and to promote lactation in breastfeeding women. This divine vegan cereal bar, Organic and made in France contains Fenugreek which supports the production of breast milk. Its weight of 45 grams and its 200 Kcal make it an ideal snack during breastfeeding that will limit and satisfy your cravings and reduce fatigue. The sweetness of oats and almond puree, the benefits of super seeds (flax, sunflower) and the delicacy of bananas and chocolate chips will convince you!

Oats* (22%), agave syrup*, bananas* (16%), whole almond puree*, chocolate chips 60%* (11%) (Cocoa mass*, Blond cane sugar*, Butter cocoa*, vanilla extract*), almonds*, brown flax seeds*, sunflower seeds*, fenugreek seeds* (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (1%), brewer's yeast (barley)*, salt

1-2 snacks per day for improved breast milk production.

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