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Wood Fire Candle

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100% natural candle with airy and pure scents. Samo's hø collection aims to limit the impact of its candles on the environment: the leathers used to surround the candle come from the recovery of waste from the fashion and leather goods industry.

Leather Color: Blue Gray Scent: Wood Fire Notes: Cedar/Birch/Moss

100% natural wax: mixture of coconut wax, rapeseed and sunflower wax, mixture allowing better diffusion of scents and slower combustion. Free of GMOs and phthalates.

French scented candle poured by hand Natural candle made in small quantities and in France. 100% natural and respectful of the environment, these candles are designed with non-GMO wax, from fair trade farming. The perfumes used come from Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

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