Cureor's story

Cureor is the culmination of a deep conviction of its leaders: French craftsmanship is of a quality and abundance like no other and it should be (re)put at the heart of our daily consumption. It is to share this vision that Madeline and Lucas had the idea of ​​creating Cureor in order to bring together on the same platform, a careful and handpicked selection of Made in France products. With the watchword: reasoned and reasonable consumption in a local and responsible approach.

Eco-consumption at heart

Cureor is a concept store which intends to restore its letters of nobility to the bazaars and other drugstores of yesteryear. Clean cosmetics, natural household products, decorative items and tableware, local crafts... essential and original items, contemporary and timeless , handpicked for you. These products are carefully selected by the Cureor team, which undertakes to find for you the products of the best quality and provenance possible in a local and responsible approach.

Local because the products offered are all made in France.

Responsible because it is the very soul of what Cureor intends to put forward: French artisanal know-how (which today remains even more prolific and extremely qualitative than yesterday) as well as the respect and transparency due to consumers . Cureor thus ensures the high quality of the products it selects and their low ecological cost.

What about zero waste?

Cureor's commitment to a line of responsible and sustainable products is total. It is the same with the limitation of packaging and waste which goes hand in hand with the idea of ​​reasoned and responsible consumption. Cureor prefers to hear about “low-waste” (a maximum limitation of waste) rather than "zero waste". Firstly because it is a chimera: there is and there will always be waste. Then because it implies a responsibility that would be entirely devolved to consumers, which creates a climate of anxiety and guilt.

Consume better and locally without any hassles or disagreements with those around you : Reusable tawashi, dish brush, bulk bag, solid dishwashing liquid, dry shampoo... the transition to zero waste will be gradual and smooth. You will see: you will quickly not be able to do without it!

However Cureor is committed: first in its selection of quality products made in France; Then in its constant concern to limit as much as possible the waste inherent in any type of transaction and in particular the use of plastics.