Face oil or serum: how to choose according to your skin and your needs

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We have seen them flourish on cosmetics stalls for a few years; Yet few are those who know their specialties and the right way to use them.
If the serums are concentrated in active ingredients and allow to act on a targeted skin problem, the face oils are enriched with different vegetable oils and seal the hydration in the skin, ideal for dry skin.

Face oils, these treatments that moisturize and protect the skin

The face oils contain a blend of vegetable oils rich in fatty acids which act as a moisturizer to seal in moisture and correct redness. They can have protective and anti-inflammatory properties and protect the skin from external aggressions suffered during the day such as pollution, to regain radiant skin.

Serums, to respond to a targeted skin problem

Serums are most often composed of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid , essential oils, fruit acids, vitamin C, or even collagen and are intended to correct chronic imperfections. They are often used in addition to other treatments in order to enhance their effectiveness.

For better application, and to avoid wasting product, why not try the rose quartz roller? It also helps improve blood circulation and stimulates collagen production.

Face oils, for which skin types

  • Dry skin
    Face oils are suitable for dry skin which has a greater need for fatty substances in order to regulate the lack of lipids. Our Plum oil 100% French plants enriched with vitamin E restores elasticity to dry skin and enhances the complexion, to be applied morning and evening for optimal hydration.
  • Skins lacking radiance
    Our organic On The Wild Side care oil , natural and made in France, enriched with active ingredients from wild harvesting, regenerates, firms and refines the skin texture to regain a natural glow and smooth, plumped skin.

Serums, for which skin types?

  • Dehydrated, dull and tired skin
    Serums prepare the skin to receive creams and daily treatments and help to enhance their effectiveness. Unlike face oils, serums are water-based and therefore have a lighter texture, penetrating better into the epidermis . Enriched with sea buckthorn oil, evening primrose oil and cherry oil, our Vitamin Oden serum of natural and French origin is your new ally for deeply nourished and plumped skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, it provides an immediate boost of radiance.

Food supplements to complete your beauty routine

They make it possible to provide vitamins, active ingredients and minerals to the body in order to obtain a better overall state of health and to compensate for certain deficiencies. Increasingly used, natural food supplements improve well-being and balance , reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system. Find our organic food supplements of French origin such as Rhodiola, Burdock, and Hawthorn extract or our Moringa powder.

Layering for more efficiency

It is a technique originating in Japan and Korea consisting in successively applying several layers of care, often natural, following make-up removal and skin cleansing. Then apply an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin, a lotion that prepares and tones the skin, a serum that brings many active ingredients, as well as an eye contour and a moisturizer massaging the skin with circular movements. Layering is a beauty ritual that deeply nourishes the face and restores a luminous and natural glow. 

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