Well-being and adaptogenic plants: Focus on Maca and Ashwagandha

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These are the new allies of the daily ritual that increase the body's ability to resist disease by stimulating its immunity. Known for their many benefits, maca and ashwagandah promote physical and mental well-being, but also have virtues in favor of intellectual activity, nervous balance, or even sleep.

Adaptogenic plants: what use?

Adaptogenic plants are plants used for centuries for their virtues, in particular in that they allow the body to adapt to different stresses, whether physical or psychological, also allowing it to benefit from their virtues in favor of a good balance.

  • The benefits of maca

    Maca is known for its virtues in favor of vitality and energy gain, it is also very useful for recovery. This root stimulates intellectual activity by strengthening memory and concentration. It is also an excellent anti-oxidant since it contains vitamins E and C. It can also be used for nervous and hormonal balance, recommended in case of problems related to menopause or premenstrual syndromes.

  • The benefits of ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha contains active ingredients to reduce cortisol levels and reduce stress and anxiety for the benefit of a relaxed mind. Enriched with L-tryptophan, an amino acid, it promotes restful sleep and therefore fights against insomnia problems.

Want to try? Discover our products enriched with maca and ashwagandha:

To fill up with vitality

Our matcha and maca tea for optimal vitality is a super antioxidant; the benefits of maca associated with that of matcha, which protects against skin aging and eliminates free radicals from cells, thus participating in the fight against cancer.

For top energy

For an energy boost, opt for our morning cocoa enriched with maca and cordyceps, it will reduce your fatigue and awaken your vitality, to start the day off right.

To relax

For optimal relaxation, enjoy our evening cocoa enriched with ashwagandah and reishi to reduce the stress accumulated during the day and improve your sleep.

A gourmet drink enriched with adaptogenic plants

To incorporate these plants into your diet, discover our organic Magic Matcha latte blended in Brittany, a hot drink rich in antioxidants that combines the benefits of matcha, Lion's made and maca and strengthens the immune system.

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