10 Alternatives for a Zero Waste Kitchen

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The essentials for a kitchen without plastic and resolutely slow life

Zero Waste Kitchen Kit

Do you want to take the plunge, do your part of the hummingbirds and go smoothly to zero waste ? Don't know where to start? Follow the leader ! Cureor offers you 10 alternatives to industrial products that use a lot (too much) plastic.

Solid dish soap

Did you know that there are solid dish soaps? Practical and effective, this soap is the ideal alternative to traditional dishwashing liquids and their endless plastic containers. Place it on the edge of your sink, or on a suitable soap dish, then rub your sponge well: it lathers and degreases perfectly!
Natural homemade solid dish soap made in France

- Natural and ecological dish cake - €4.50

Natural fiber pot brush

For the most stubborn stains and dirt on the bottom of your pots and pans, no longer use scrapers that quickly become dirty, nor the scraping part of your sponge, but rather a pot brush specially designed to scrub your pots without them . strike out ! Made of an alloy of highly resistant and naturally abrasive vegetable fibers , this large, elegant brush will make your life easier.

Reusable pot brush in natural fiber for a zero waste kitchen

- Natural pot brush - 7,30€

Charlotte food

Haro on tupperware and plastic wrap! Wrap your dishes/ salad bowls/pans directly with your leftovers from dinner thanks to these Oexo-tex certified linen eco-friendly dish covers .

Zero waste linen and hemp fabric food cap made in france kimshi

- Linen food cap - €8.50

Organic cotton bulk bag for shopping

The tote bag is good, but that's not everything! To pack your groceries in bulk, or your fruits and vegetables, cereals or legumes, equip yourself with reusable and washable bags in organic cotton.
fabric bulk bag for zero waste fruit and vegetable shopping

-Set of three bulk bags in organic cotton - €18

Linen and cotton tawashi

The Swiss army knife for zero waste cooking! Can replace disposable sponges for washing your dishes but it is also perfectly suited for cleaning surfaces and especially your worktop. This French linen and cotton sponge is machine washable and completely biodegradable (when you've used it to the dregs!)
tawashi diy home in cotton and hemp kitchen zero waste reusable sponge

- Linen and cotton tawashi - €9

Reusable hemp coffee filter

Do you still make your coffee "the old fashioned way"? Forget disposable filters and try this one: reusable and made of hemp. Hand sewn in France, this filter is machine washable. The hemp used here is untreated, undyed and unbleached, it preserves the taste and flavor of the coffee.
reusable hemp coffee filter for zero waste ground coffee

-Reusable coffee filter - €7.20

Reusable Burlap Sponge

Of course, there can be no zero waste kitchen without a reusable sponge! No more synthetic yellow sponges that cannot be recycled and get damaged very quickly. Made in France, these robust and washable sponges have two sides: one in jute to rub without scratching, the other in soft cotton for sponges and absorption.
reusable washable jute sponge zero waste

- Double-sided ecological washable sponge - 12€

Dishwasher pods

For your dishwasher, take an ecological and zero waste option thanks to these pods made up of only four ingredients from France: bicarboat soda, soda crystals, citric acid and coarse Camarque salt from the Salins du Midi to Aigues-Mortes. Efficient and ecological!
pod for home dishwasher natural diy zero waste

- Set of 14 ecological and natural pods - €9.90

Beeswax cling film

A healthy, ecological and reusable food packaging! This beeswax film is used in the same way as plastic cling film: directly on food or on a container. Can also be used to keep bread longer. To wash it, nothing could be simpler: pass it under clear water with a little soap and let it dry.
zero waste reusable beeswax cling film made in france

- Set of three eco-friendly beeswax food wraps - €19.50

Cloth towel

The garbage can that is constantly filled with paper towels or paper towels will soon be a distant memory! These honeycomb dishcloths spun and woven in Provence are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Hand or machine washable at 40°.
zero waste paper towel in organic cotton fabric made in france

- Set of three honeycomb dishcloths woven in France with organic cotton - €17

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